Connect Groups Leader Application

Church is done in rows. Life is done in circles.
Welcome to the world of Connect Groups! Here at Relevant Church, we believe that church is done in rows but life is done in circles. Connect Groups are the vehicle to accomplish that vision. If you are filling out this form, it means you are interested in becoming a Connect Group Leader. 

As a Connect Group Leader, your role would be to foster and create an atmosphere for connection. This entails hosting a monthly Connect Group event, communicating with attendees, and inviting others to attend your event. You will report to and have bi-monthly communication with the Connect Group Director. 

If this is a role that you feel confident taking on and applying for, please complete the information below for our team to review. Please note that we do have a limited number of spaces available and that all Groups applications will be reviewed to make sure they align with the vision and values of Relevant Church before being approved. 

Additionally, please note that there is no mandated budget for our Connect Group ministry, meaning that all paid events would be the responsibility of your attendees (i.e. if you went to dinner, everyone attending would need to pay for their own meal).

We are so excited about this season of community and can't wait to hear more about your ideas!


Church is done in rows. Life is done in circles.